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What's new at A.S.E.?

As the second semester of the school year has been picking up in steam, A.S.E. has done the same! Here are a few of the many activities that our hard-working volunteers have been busy with over the past month.

Our co founders, Jacob Wiseman and Jonah Perlmutter were interviewed by the student newspaper at the University of Winnipeg, ​The Uniter. ​During the interview, Jonah and Jacob expressed their gratitude towards A.S.E’s many volunteers and described the positive feedback that our tutors and mentors have received from countless university students from around Canada. The full article can be found at the link:

While Jonah and Jacob were busy describing the goals of A.S.E. to a major student newspaper, behind the scenes our operation managers, Matt Masoudi, Manjari Thavarasalingam, Tiba Feiz-Barazandeh, and Shikha Gandhi were hard at work collecting statistics from our schools of operation and receiving feedback from recipients of our services. Without their hard work, A.S.E. would cease to exist as it does today. Thanks to all our operation managers!

Finally, A.S.E. is thankful to announce the new branch of our organization that has been in the works over the last few weeks: our Indigenous student outreach project. This program will be run from Manitoba and serve to offer low-bandwidth video call and phone call tutoring options to Indigenous students living on reserves where there exists disproportionately low internet connectivity, according to the Canadian government. In addition, we hope to use our platform to raise awareness about the lack of resources, such as academic tutoring, offered to many Indigenous students on-reserve or within the inner city of Winnipeg. We look forward to hearing first-hand stories from members of the community and use their input to guide A.S.E.’s direction in this project. This project will be organized by numerous volunteers including the latest member of our team, the coordinator of Indigenous outreach, Rachel Cogan.

We look forward to the next few months of A.S.E. and hope to grow our organization while continuing to make positive change.

Jonah Perlmutter


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