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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Service

What services do you offer?

We offer part-time tutoring, mentoring, and guidance as a first-year university student. 

What Services Do You Offer?

Which programs do you tutor and mentor for?

Our tutors and help are meant for first-year university students either in the faculty of Arts, Science, or education who wish to get assistance with Arts and Science courses. If demand changes and we discover other faculties also greatly need assistance we may add in different faculties. 


As per our mentoring service, this is available to all students in the first year irrespective of your faculty.

What Programs Do You Tutor/Mentor For?
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I am interested in getting a mentor/tutor but school is online due to Covid-19, do you offer your services online?


We do! As of now all of our services for mentoring, tutoring or just general questions and guidance will be conducted through the Zoom platform. 

Which year of university students is your organization tailored to? 

What Year is this Program Meant For?

Our program is tailored to first-year university students. This is because all of us were once first-year university students and we can understand how hard the transition from high school to first-year can be.


How can I volunteer? 

If you wish to volunteer there is a form you must fill out on our website and after you submit it one of our trainees will schedule an interview with you.

How Can I Volunteer?

Can I volunteer if I am in the first year? 

Our program is aimed to help first-year university students. If you are in your first year of university and have not yet declared your major, you are unable to assist us with the mentoring portion of our organization. However, if you are very advanced in first-year subjects in either the faculty of arts or the faculty of science, we may be able to use your assistance for the tutoring portion, which would be decided by our interviewers. 

Can First Year Students Volunteer?

What are my responsibilities as a volunteer mentor/tutor?  

As a mentor, you will be responsible for giving general tips and guidance to first-year students who are struggling academically. Additionally, you will be expected to answer any question's that first-year students have on either what your specific program is like or what specific courses are like. 


As a tutor, you will be responsible for providing help for the subjects in your faculty. With this being said, if you are not good at a specific subject that you took during your first-year, we have other volunteers that can take over. Please talk to the interviewers or any of our other staff if you have more questions.

Volunteer Responsibilities

I have been volunteering as a mentor for a while, how can I apply to be on the executive team? 

Apply to Executive Team

If you wish to apply to the executive team please contact one of our executive volunteers and they will be happy to direct your request.

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